BGP / Requirements, etc.

Tony Li tli at
Wed Nov 13 19:49:53 UTC 1996

     Our current backbone told me that it would be difficult to get full BGP
   running on our router: a Cisco 7010.  RAM is not a problem, we can bump it
   up to 64M in a moment's notice.

Suggest you get your backbone to fire whomever told you that.  From a BGP
perspective, the 7010 and the 7000 are identical.  It will be sufficient
for a while (time TBD depending on net conditions).

   Also, one newbie-type question, our current backbone said that they "may
   not" pass traffic routed via backbone #2.  If I am running full BGP
   between both backbones, what would the technical limitations be of
   passing traffic between all three sites (Backbone A, Me, and Backbone

You _could_ technically, provide transit between the two backbones in this
situation.  It sounds like your current backbone does not want that.
Wholly understandable.  You should configure your BGP to only advertise
your routes to both backbones.

     Any BGP gods out there for hire on a consultant basis? :-)

How much money do you have? ;-)


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