Why doesn't BGP...

Vadim Antonov avg at pluris.com
Tue Nov 12 10:26:11 UTC 1996

I'm actually quite sure -- the reaction time of the control
unit should be less than the characteristic period of the
controlled system.

Think of it as a big pendulum which is subjected to rapid
kicks -- by applying kicks at different directions you can
keep pendulum at any angle.

Try that if the pendulum swings faster than you can kick :)

Not that it is very useful for updating metrics, but you can
imagine a car radio which makes congestion announcements
fast enough, so as to load 101 and 280 equally (car here,
car there).  Wait a second, that reminds me of something :)


From: alex at relcom.eu.net
Subject: Re: Why doesn't BGP...

Vadim, are you shure about this?
Withouth the friction - what would you got this case? Very big pendulum,
isn't it?

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