Why doesn't BGP...

alex at relcom.eu.net alex at relcom.eu.net
Tue Nov 12 09:44:21 UTC 1996

Vadim, are you shure about this?
Withouth the friction - what would you got this case? Very big pendulum,
isn't it?

>   There are two ways to deal with that -- reduce the feedback
>   (say, make the announcement in a barely intelligible speech,
>   so only 1/3rd of drivers will get it :),  or increase inertia

>   of the system (by posting 10MPH speed limit :), so announcements
>   can come fast enough to compensate each other.
>   Seriously, the load-sensitive traffic management _can_ be done,
Exactly it's done in the lot of different systems.

>   but to do it you a) need full knowledge of the load patterns,
>   plus some historical data, and b) have a way to control system
>   in steps less drastic than rerouting an entire flow.
>   Can't be done with ciscos, or any existing routers...
I am not shure about EGRP, through.

>   --vadim
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