BBN bitten again?

David Carmean dlc at
Fri Nov 1 19:32:13 UTC 1996

I haven't seen any traffic on outage-discuss at  in the
month that I've been subscribed, so I don't know if this has 
been hashed over already.  Perhaps this discussion should be 
redirected there, but...

I think it might be useful to have a list that an ISP or other 
Net user could check to see if a problem had been _reported_, 
or to see the extent of an outage as reported by the users of 
the systems in question.  I know my helpdesk people would like 
to know about unreachable sites before they go having 
Joe Luser tear apart his trumpwsk.ini.  I realize NANOG is 
not the place, but neither is a cacophony like inet-access.

There are only a few vendors using the RA's IPN page...and 
outage-discuss is for the discussion of mechanisms to report 
such...why not just create a list for the discussion of 
outages themselves in the mean time?

In a previous message, Jared Mauch wrote:
> and we can form a group that wants to go after vendors.
> 	It makes no sense to report outages here, all the NOCs of isps
> do not monitor this list, and it would not make sense for them to either,
> becuase currently it has too high of a ratio of unimportant stuff per
> important and good knowledge.
> 	- jared
> Randy Bush graced my mailbox with this long sought knowledge:
> > > Since early yesterday, much or all of BBN Cambridge has been down.
> > > Anyone know what is going on?
> > 
> > I know this will come as a complete shock to you.  But the probability that
> > the BBN NOC does is above 0.5, and that the members of this list do is below
> > 0.1.
> > 
> > Contrary to some people's belief, this list is not the worldwide NOC or
> > trouble reporting system.
> > 
> > randy
> > 

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