NANOG meeting mulicasted?

Mark Boolootian booloo at
Thu May 30 21:22:14 UTC 1996

>>I don't know if this is a widespread problem or not, but we seem to have
>>lost all DVMRP routes.
>I don't think it's widespread; 

It wasn't.  The router feeding us has a built-in throttle to stop multicast
routing if the number of DVMRP routes gets too large.  The threshold was set
at 3500 and was crossed, subsequently all our routes disappeared.  The
threshold's been pushed up a bit.

>U-SURE-R-NOSEY.UCSC.EDU's tunnel to
> is up but is not advertising proper routes for nets
>internal to, and U-SURE-R-NOSEY has a buggy multicast
>traceroute implementation so I can't help debug this.  This symptom
>points to U-SURE-R-NOSEY's unicast routing table not agreeing with
>the tunnel endpoint and is fixed in a later IOS release.
>(Oh, and while you're complaining to your vendor, comm-g.UCSC.EDU's
>multicast traceroute implementation is buggy as well, a bug that I
>have seen more and more and haven't been able to get a good explanation

nosey is running 11.0.5 and comm-g is running 11.0.7.  I'll drop a line
to cisco.  Thanks for the response.


f with sneakers, T-shirt and baseballcap
> worn backwards :)
> bye,Kai
Sean wasn't wearing the baseball cap backwards last time I saw him at NANOG,
but otherwise, you just described his attire.


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