MAE-West is up again (now NATO)

Tim Bass (@NANOG-LIST) nanog at
Sun May 26 17:13:46 UTC 1996


Thanks for taking the time to help set the record straight.  I did
not intend to pull the discussion off the Router Server single-thread
crash operational experimental discussion.....

I just wanted to have some fun at Gordon's expense, in return for the
fun times when he endearingly called my CIDRD-WG posts  "Quixotic"
(and he was right, BTW ;-)   

Plus, I sure envy Gordon spending time in beautiful Russia this time of
year.   Which leads to my next question.....

Anyone know when there will be an IETF meeting in that part of the
world?  That would be a very, very interesting and enlightening 
IETF to participate, don't you think?

Best Regards,



Really don't mind if you sit this one out,  My words but a whisper
in deafness they shout.  Can't make you feel, but I can make you
think...... ( continuation censored by your Honorable Exon ... )

 	  		 Ian Anderson

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