Unregistered addresses [Re: Map Frame Relay Question]

Erik-Jan Bos erik-jan.bos at surfnet.nl
Tue May 21 18:51:20 UTC 1996


> This is the second time in just a couple of weeks I've seen mail from
> people apparently believing that unregistered addresses are supposed
> to work in the Net.  Has the Net come so far that ignorance and
> cluelessness is so widespread among people trying to manage boxes
> that they think officially allocated addresses is a refinement?
> A kind of dotting of i's and crossing of t's, not really necessary?
> Like cars drive just fine without licence plates?
> Heaven knows there's enough people who think the whole thing works by
> some strange magic, but the current apparent trend is verging on the
> absurd.

Don't you (only sometimes) think that the number of weekend drivers on
the Internet-road is increasing, just like the number of prefixen in
the default free routers of the Internet (hint for weekend drivers: these
are the routers that have a clue)?

BTW, see ftp://ftp.nic.surfnet.nl/surfnet/net-management/ip/nets.ps for
the latest update on the number of prefixen.



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