Unregistered addresses [Re: Map Frame Relay Question]

Per Gregers Bilse bilse at EU.net
Tue May 21 16:23:29 UTC 1996

This is the second time in just a couple of weeks I've seen mail from
people apparently believing that unregistered addresses are supposed
to work in the Net.  Has the Net come so far that ignorance and
cluelessness is so widespread among people trying to manage boxes
that they think officially allocated addresses is a refinement?
A kind of dotting of i's and crossing of t's, not really necessary?
Like cars drive just fine without licence plates?

Heaven knows there's enough people who think the whole thing works by
some strange magic, but the current apparent trend is verging on the

>I am working at a site that has a Cisco 7010? Router
>running V 10.0 The router uses a frame relay connection
>to an Internet Provider to connect to the outside World.
>Most of the subnets here are "legal" (i.e. registered w/Internic).
>However, we have several that aren't.
>Everything works great of the legal subnets. However, the
>'illegal' ones cannot connect or even ping anything on the
>Frame Relay side of the router. There are technical reasons
>why we are not able to get the bogus subnets changed right now.
>I'm wondering if I need to have a map frame relay directive
>in the interface description to handle traffic to & from
>the subnet that's giving me problems.
>The access-list filters look OK and the interface in question
>has no filtering at all. 
>Ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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