topological closeness....

Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Wed May 15 12:21:16 UTC 1996

At 07:37 PM 5/15/96 +0900, David R. Conrad wrote:

>In the Asia Pacific Rim region, nearly all the bandwidth goes from AP
>region countries to the US directly.  This is true due to the
>tariffing situation, although it is now beginning to change (some
>intra-Asia networks have already been established).

I think many of us have been *very* vocal supporters of encouraging
creationm of multiple AP NAPs to avoid this form of dementia.  :-)

When traffic transits back to the US West Coast to reach another AP
location, this clearly contributes to the overall problem.

>Putting mirrors in countries usually makes sense (particularly when a
>country has an Internet exchange or two), but putting them on a
>continental basis generally doesn't.

Agreed. Creating exchange points would also help immensely.

- paul

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