topological "closeness" (RE: Web o' Wonder)

Jonathan Heiliger loco at MFST.COM
Mon May 13 22:39:50 UTC 1996

On Mon, 13 May 1996, Mike Trest wrote:

|} Yes. Initial customer reaction is, at first, hesitant.  However, when
|} they try it an see *DRAMTIC* improvements in response times.  This is
|} predicated on the "closeness" of the cache relative to dragging the
|} stuff over the whole world. 

There is definitely a benefit to the customer once the data is stored on
the cache.  However, in order to scale at a reasonable cost one would
probably want to build a hierarchy in the caching servers.

With or without a hierarchy of caches (such as local area and network
border caches); the first user to request data through the cache will be
penalized with an additional delay not present in direct access.


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