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Mon May 13 22:04:33 UTC 1996

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Date: May 13, 12:48
Subject: Re: topological "closeness" (RE: Web o' Wonder)
> >On Mon, 13 May 1996, Mike Trest wrote:
> >> I am implementing a CACHE simply to improve on-net customer satisfaction.  I
> >> expect the operational costs to be much less than the equivilent backbone or
> >> transit costs. If it has a side effect of reducting meet point traffic, then
> >> the entire net benefits.
> >
> >Doesn't this require reconfiguring the customer's browsers to point at a
> >proxy?
> Yes. Initial customer reaction is, at first, hesitant.  However, when they
> try it an see *DRAMTIC* improvements in response times.  This is predicated
> on the "closeness" of the cache relative to dragging the stuff over the
> whole world.
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Installing a cache proxy also means adding yet another thing to the list
of "I wish I wasn't running one of these because some day I'll be in court
over this". I'm already unhappy that there isn't adequate legal protection
for me if/when I run a news server, and you're suggesting that I start keeping
local disk copies of all the {illegal, copyrighted, trade secrets} information
that's on the Web, TOO?

When your site gets raided by the Secret Service and they grab your cache
disks and take them home and run keyword searches on them, you're screwed.

As soon as some nice legislation gets passed to protect me, the ISP, when
I run a cache, I'll put one in and help solve the bandwidth problem. Saying
"the network will break without cache servers" isn't a valid defense to
charges of posession of illegal and/or copyrighted material.

-matthew kaufman
 matthew at

ps. Yes, if for some reason I ever get some time off of running an ISP myself,
 I'm very likely to spend a lot of my time helping to make sure that the
 legal situation for people like ISPs improves significantly. 

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