topological "closeness" (RE: Web o' Wonder)

Mike Trest trest at
Mon May 13 19:48:19 UTC 1996

>On Mon, 13 May 1996, Mike Trest wrote:
>> I am implementing a CACHE simply to improve on-net customer satisfaction.  I
>> expect the operational costs to be much less than the equivilent backbone or
>> transit costs. If it has a side effect of reducting meet point traffic, then
>> the entire net benefits.
>Doesn't this require reconfiguring the customer's browsers to point at a

Yes. Initial customer reaction is, at first, hesitant.  However, when they
try it an see *DRAMTIC* improvements in response times.  This is predicated
on the "closeness" of the cache relative to dragging the stuff over the
whole world.

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