Worldly Thoughts - Regionalizing Peering

John Curran jcurran at
Sun May 12 13:36:31 UTC 1996

At 8:24 PM 5/11/96, Alan Hannan wrote:

>  The model scales well, imho.  Regionalize your network into
>  pieces.  Apply each of the pieces into 1 or more proximities to a

Been there, done that....     I've already stated my view on the
scalability of such arrangements.

>  Benefit:  I gain low latency transit to most everyone.
>  Drawback:  It is technically challenging to create an automate
>  system to regionalize and create appropriate filter lists.

It also complicates every peering relationship and multi-homed 
customer connection, as you have to worry about both multiple
external AS's and your internal routing redistribution from all 
of these regional routing clouds.  

If you presume a fairly dense set of interconnects among transit
providers, then you're not going to get a significant improvement
in latency despite the added complexity.  


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