Worldly Thoughts - Cix/SL single T1

Paul A Vixie paul at
Sun May 12 01:02:32 UTC 1996

> vix:
> ] The link you're alluding to is probably SprintLink's.  It runs at or near
> ] capacity for most of every day, and while that's usually an indicator that
> ] a larger pipe is called for, it's also an indicator that the link is of use
> ] to at least some folks.
>   The interesting thing here is to ask WHY SL hasn't upgraded the line.

I've been told that they consider the T1 adequate.

>   The fact that the line hasn't been upgraded could imply that the CIX
>   isn't of use to SL.

When the link went down due to a cross connect problem, an engineer and
his manager inside SL worked all day and most of a night to get it restored.

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