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Sat May 11 03:57:41 UTC 1996

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Date: May 10, 19:49
Subject: Re: Worldly Thoughts
> Quite a few CIX members operate this way.  The interesting question in my
> mind is whether the "big guys" (defaultless nets, for the purposes of this
> discussion) think that this represents unfair competition or not.
>-- End of excerpt from Paul A Vixie

This is a _very_ interesting question in light of what I just posted...
the CIX has the (odd, these days) feature that peering is mandatory for all,
and so large providers don't get to choose whether or not they want to
haul traffic across the country for these people.

-matthew kaufman
 matthew at

ps. We'd already be at CIX if certain providers had more than a T-1's worth of
 bandwidth available out of there, specifically to take advantage of the
 "mandatory peering" situation. Heavily-loaded small pipes to interesting
 places aren't useful, though.

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