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Owen DeLong owen at DeLong.SJ.CA.US
Fri May 10 16:33:36 UTC 1996

> >From:  Erik Sherk[SMTP:sherk at]
> >> From:  David Schwartz aka Joel Katz[SMTP:stimpson at]
> >> 	Let's look at a hypothetical situation. ISP1 peers at MAE-E and
> >> buys transit from MCI there. Now they ask Sprint to peer with them. 
> Let's
> >> look at how they reach sites on the west coast.
> >
> >This is a violation of the rules of Mae-East: it is not to be used for
> >customer connections. ISP1 must have a private connection to MCI.
> >
> >Erik
> Are you saying that MFS will not allow a private connection between two 
> routers located at the MAE facility, even if the connection is _not_ made 
> using the MAE FDDI switch, but is instead a direct (e.g. HSSI or AIP) 
> connection between the two routers??  If so, I haven't seen any 
> documentation to that effect...
> --
> Jim Browning
I interpret it slightly differently.  I think he is saying that if you
buy transit from MCI, you can't do it across MAE East, but instead would
need a private connection to MCI.  Presumably this could be done at the
MAE East site, as long as it did not congest the MAE East net.


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