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David Schwartz aka Joel Katz stimpson at
Fri May 10 07:35:37 UTC 1996

	Let's look at a hypothetical situation. ISP1 peers at MAE-E and 
buys transit from MCI there. Now they ask Sprint to peer with them. Let's 
look at how they reach sites on the west coast.

	Without peering, MCI gives the packets to Sprint at MAE-East and 
Sprint returns packets to MCI at some west coast nap. That is, MCI and 
Sprint share the coast-to-coast traffic.

	With peering, Sprint must take the packets all the to MAE-E as it 
has a shorter AS path. All the coast-to-coast cost is borne by Sprint.

	Do you get that? Now do you understand the 3 NAP rule?

	David Schwartz

On Thu, 9 May 1996, Alan Hannan wrote:

>   So, comes my curiosity, and my puzzling thoughts about the current
>   state of the net.  Why is it not in my best interest to talk to
>   NSPX at a meet point?  Why, when it is in MY customer's best
>   interest to talk to EVERYONE, would I not converse, and share
>   knowledge and invitations about my customer base?

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