FWD: Pacific Bell's LA NAP in service

Jim Browning jfbb at atmnet.net
Wed May 8 04:13:44 UTC 1996

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>> > On Tue, 7 May 1996, Kent W. England wrote:
>> >
>> > > Pac Bell has announced their LA NAP is operational. Contact and 
details below.
>> >
>> > 	Is there not already a MAE-LA? Why would thay have an LA NAP if even
>> > MAE-LA hasn't taken off as of yet?
>> >
>> > 	Just a question.
>> >
>> > Christian Nielsen
>> 	Yes, there is.  I would expect that the NAP service is offering
>> 	is an extention of the existing BayArea service.  This approach
>> 	reduces the cost of entry of entry for people you are in the So.Cal.
>> 	area to a local loop charge.
>> 	It appears that thye believe that a "distributed" service is
>> 	more effective than two seperate exchanges.

>As far as I know, PacBell wouldn't be permitted to extend PVCs between
>the LA NAP and the SF NAP

I have had several discussions with PacBell concerning NAP connections to 
both sites, and at no time have they indicated the ability to provide 
connectivity between them.  To the best of my knowledge, they look at the 
two (SF and LA) as separate facilities.  They are both 'virtual meet 
points' which utilize ATM connections into the PacBell cell relay clouds, 
but these clouds are isolated - they do not extend beyond the borders of 
each LATA.  They expect you to obtain a circuit _into_ the LATA from an 
Jim Browning

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