FWD: Pacific Bell's LA NAP in service

Matthew Kaufman matthew at scruz.net
Wed May 8 00:48:54 UTC 1996

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Date: May  7, 14:53
Subject: Re: FWD: Pacific Bell's LA NAP in service
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> > On Tue, 7 May 1996, Kent W. England wrote:
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> > > Pac Bell has announced their LA NAP is operational. Contact and details below.
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> > 	Is there not already a MAE-LA? Why would thay have an LA NAP if even
> > MAE-LA hasn't taken off as of yet?
> > 
> > 	Just a question.
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> > Christian Nielsen
> 	Yes, there is.  I would expect that the NAP service is offering
> 	is an extention of the existing BayArea service.  This approach
> 	reduces the cost of entry of entry for people you are in the So.Cal.
> 	area to a local loop charge.  
> 	It appears that thye believe that a "distributed" service is
> 	more effective than two seperate exchanges.
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> --bill
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As far as I know, PacBell wouldn't be permitted to extend PVCs between
the LA NAP and the SF NAP

-matthew kaufman
 matthew at scruz.net

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