I-D (Re: Out of date contact information )

Curtis Villamizar curtis at ans.net
Mon May 6 23:40:53 UTC 1996

In message <Pine.BSI.3.91.960503073302.5078C-100000 at cais.cais.com>, "J.D. Falk"
> > 
> > hostmaster was done in the -01 draft, sent shortly ago.  security seems
> > reasonable but is this current practice anywhere you know of?
> 	I beleive that SprintLink uses it, but I've got permanent routing
> anomalies in my memory so I can't be sure. 

As with anything else, report fires to trouble for fastest response.
It might be worth putting security down to serve a similar role as
routing (for questions or coordination not requiring immediate

BTW - do we want to mention "root" as the system administration of a
specific host to report things like "your multicast implementation is
broken and spewing ICMP packets" or other "fix that beast" messages.


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