Peering Policies and Route Servers

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Mon May 6 14:22:23 UTC 1996

In message <199605020457.AAA00182 at>, Andrew Partan writes:
> > The RA has implemented requirements that providers have when a 
> > provider communicates what is needed.  I can't find any messages
> > from Sean indicating what he would like to express but can't. 
> > The RA team is always willing to work with providers to meet
> > their needs.
> There is one thing that the RS can't do.
> If A & B are doing 3rd party peering via the RS, the fact that the
> A/RS peering is up & working and that the B/RS peering is up &
> working unfortunately does not tell you if A & B can exchange
> packets.
> If A & B are peering directly, then the fact that the peering is
> up also tells you that they can exchange packets.
> Luckily this sort of breakage does not happen very often.
> Unluckily, if it does break, if can be really hard to diagnose.
> 	--asp at (Andrew Partan)

Just because you don't BGP peer doesn't mean you should monitor
reachability to your third party peers.  The BGP mib is handy, but
this is nothing a ping test can't detect.  Too bad there is no LQM on
broadcast media.


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