E.164 SMDS addresses

Avi Freedman freedman at netaxs.com
Sun May 5 17:32:16 UTC 1996

> We are preparing an SMDS service offering on the AcNet Network.  We have 
> been unable to locate the party responsable for the assignment of the 
> "Network" portion of our SMDS addressing schema.
> Does anyone out there know where one applies for such an identifier 
> (E.164) for a new SMDS Network?
> Thanks for any advice one might offer.
> R S Ashton				The Ashton Group
> P O Box 1175				Ashton Systems Corporation
> Chula Vista, CA 91912-1175 USA		Ashton-International Corporation
> Voice: (619) 424-5362			Ashton Communications Corporation
> Fax:   (619) 424-5621			AcNet, AcBone, AcNode (R)
> The Ashton Group 
> Latin America
> Apartado Postal 11-436
> Mexico, DF 06101 MEXICO
> Voice: (011-525) 230-2700   or   Direct from the USA: (210) 668-6000
> Fax:   (011-525) 230-2701   or   Direct from the USA: (210) 668-6001

Generally, you get it from your SMDS network provider.

I am under the impression that the [c/e]1-xxx-xxx-xxxx[-ffff] SMDS E.164
IDs are unique throughout the IXCs and Bells, but I could be wrong.

If you're building a private SMDS net, there may be some SMDS E.164 
namespace delegation authority.

Check with Bellcore?  I'm sure they have a white paper somewhere that
describes the name space allocation for SMDS.


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