I-D (Re: Out of date contact information )

Brett Watson brett at tta.com
Fri May 3 12:17:37 UTC 1996

Paul A Vixie
> > [...] I'd suggest including (in no particular order) the following: 
> > 
> >       Address   Operations Area      Example Usage
> >       --------------------------------------------------------------
> >       hostmaster Network Operations  DNS issues
> >       security  Network Operations   System security or hacking
> >       www       Customer Support     Same as webmaster
> >       listowner Customer Support     Mailing list administrator
> >       routing   Network Operations   Network routing issues
> >       nic       Network Operations   Same as noc
> >       news      Customer Support     Same as usenet
> >       help      Customer Support     Same as support
> hostmaster was done in the -01 draft, sent shortly ago.  security seems
> reasonable but is this current practice anywhere you know of?  www and
> news are current practice, i'll add those but note that these are used
> for internal errors in those services and may point to different folks
> than the ones for external queries.

  don't know if security is a standard alias anywhere else but mci uses it
extensively.  it would seem a *good* practice for everyone to use that

> listowner is new to me.  i've seen listserv.  i think this is slippery
> enough to warrant a blanket "use *-REQUEST or POSTMASTER" which is what
> -01 says.  comments on this are welcome.

  i've seen list owner a quite a few provider type domains.  at least
in places where someone runs a bunch of lists from majordomo.  actually
i guess i've seen it aliased to majordomo, or synonamous with.


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