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J.D. Falk jdfalk at cyberNOTHING.org
Fri May 3 08:36:29 UTC 1996

On Thu, 2 May 1996, Paul A Vixie wrote:

>           Standard Electronic Mail Addresses For Internet Operations

	I like it overall -- definately needed right around now.  Just a
few comments.... 

>    4 - Other Well Known Addresses
>    4.1. Many mailing lists have an administrative address to which add/drop
>    requests and other metaqueries can be sent.  For a mailing list whose
>    submission address is <LIST at DOMAIN>, the usual administrative address is
>    <LIST-REQUEST at DOMAIN>.  With the advent of list management software such
>    as MajorDomo, this convention is becoming less common and its absence
>    for any given mailing list should be treated as an inconvenience rather
>    than as an error or standards violation.

	A list of some of these might not be a bad idea, since many users
will be unfamiliar with more standard addresses.  I'd suggest including
(in no particular order) the following: 

      Address   Operations Area      Example Usage
      hostmaster Network Operations  DNS issues
      security  Network Operations   System security or hacking
      www       Customer Support     Same as webmaster
      listowner Customer Support     Mailing list administrator
      routing   Network Operations   Network routing issues
      nic       Network Operations   Same as noc
      news      Customer Support     Same as usenet
      help      Customer Support     Same as support

>    5 - Security Considerations
>    Denial of service attacks (flooding a mailbox with junk) will be easier
>    after this document becomes a standard.

	Would it be appropriate to mention Procmail here as a partial
solution, or would that be better suited to a seperate document? 

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