Peering Policies and Route Servers

Steven J. Richardson sjr at
Thu May 2 20:11:36 UTC 1996

Actually, only changes to the RADB and ANS DB will be
caught by _every_ 4 hr update; the other databases (RIPE,
MCI DB, CA*Net DB) are currently obtained 1x/day (usually
in the morning, Brian Renaud says).  Work re:  synchronization
and distribution of IRR data is, as they say, ongoing.

Steve Richardson/Merit

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  >At 10:12 AM 4/30/96 -0700, Cengiz Alaettinoglu wrote:
  >>Route Servers are dynamic, they process upto 6000 routing updates a
  >>minute (see
  >>Route Servers are reconfigured with up to date policy 6 times a day,
  >>i.e. every four hours. Hence, a brand new route registered in IRR may
  >>not be announced by the route servers to the NSPs whose policies are
  >>prefix based for up to at most 4 hours. I think this is what you are
  >>referring to.
  >Cengiz, thanks for the clarification.
  >- paul

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