Peering Policies and Route Servers

Marten Terpstra marten at
Thu May 2 14:48:52 UTC 1996

Jessica Yu <jyy at> writes

 * This could happen at a non-broadcast media NAP such as ATM nap when the
 * PVCs between RS-A & RS-B are up but the PVC between A-B is down.  But it's 
 * less likely to happen on a broadcast media NAP.
 * It'd be ideal that the RS is injected with some intellegence to detect the
 * fact that A can no long talk to B directly and thus stop passing routes betw
 * een
 * A & B.  This will avoid the problem.  But as you pointed out, it rarely 
 * happens so it may not worth the effort.

But the question is whether there will be more NBMA type NAPs in the
future. Point to MultiPoint for BGP, I like it ;-)


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