Out of date contact information

bmanning at isi.edu bmanning at isi.edu
Thu May 2 12:04:34 UTC 1996

> This would be something we could probably standardize. I wonder how many folks
> have mail aliases like routing at xxx.net, noc at xxx.net, etc to bounce messages
> right ways. At the ver least, it'll make /etc/alias file shorter for good
> number of people. :)
> -dorian (trouble at cic.net)

	BITGOD (back in the good old days) Gene had an IETF wg that attempted
	to deal with network operations issues; the NJM wg.  One of the
	things that came out of that august body was the use of role accounts.

	If I remember correctly, trouble at site.tld was recommended as the
	shotgun address.  

	This, along with hostmaster & noc floated to the top. http was a long
	way off.. :)


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