Out of date contact information

Nevin Williams nevin at ans.net
Thu May 2 06:23:27 UTC 1996

We here like trouble at ans.net.  It's an all-purpose group, like
support, but has a sense of urgency to it.  


        -Nevin Williams
         ANS Network Operations

Andrew Partan writes:
> > I have found that, with only one unnamed exception, if you write
> > to support at isp.net
> How about folks use:
> 	routing at isp.net
> to reach people?
> [Is there any consensus on various support aliases that an ISP 'should'
> have?  noc, help, hostmaster, support, postmaster, routing, info, sales,
> trouble, others?]
> 	--asp at partan.com (Andrew Partan)

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