SONET Interconnect (was RE: MCI)

Eric M. Carroll ericc at
Sat Mar 30 01:30:58 UTC 1996

>  I would recommend talking to your sales representative
>  about getting an NDA presentation.

Ok, NDA aside then, too. Assume you had to decide now. You go multi
DS3 and wait for new options because you do not need more than 2xDS3
= OC3c + ATM? Would you go 3xDS3 and load share?

For sale today, there is nothing other than AIP that you can go OC3
and above with. That's a problem, but it also mean ATM gets
considered, reasonable or not.

>  Gee, there are lots of OSI vendors too.  Go for it. 
>  You can leverage the fun stuff done by CDNNET.  :-)

haha. good one.


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