MCI [ATM overhead]

Tim Salo salo at
Mon Mar 25 22:50:29 UTC 1996

> Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 15:09:51 +0800
> From: avg at (Vadim Antonov)
> To: jogden at, nanog at
> Subject: Re: MCI [ATM overhead]
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> The pricing on ATM transport is merely an artefact of "pilot"
> status of ATM networks.  Carriers lose money on that.  When
> market will be established the prices are bound to rise to
> that of native IP transport, or, likely, more (as ATM does not handle
> levels of overcommitment found in IP backbones now).
> 	[...]

Hmmm...  Does that imply that the NSP that can take advantage of
underpriced services, (perhaps including ATM, if you are correct),
will have a competitive advantage?


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