ATM overhead [WAS: Re: UUNET stops peering at MAE-West]

Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Mon Mar 25 04:41:43 UTC 1996


Have you done any statistical gathering on the overhead required to route
IP traffic in the Pac Bell ATM NAP? I'd be interested in seeing this, for
certain.  :-)

- paul

At 05:50 PM 3/24/96 -0800, Kent W. England wrote:

>Give it a try. Pacific Bell has upgraded the Bay Area NAP to Stratacom BPX
>ATM switches and the new PacBell LA NAP will also be a BPX switch. These
>switches have sufficient buffer size to manage OC-3 connections.
>Check out our NAP stats page http://www.PacBell.COM/Products/NAP/Stats/ to
>see how much aggregate traffic is already flowing through the Bay Area NAP.
>Still some headroom left and no cell loss!

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