Blargh, Foo, Sabotage, and an RS/6000

Alan B. Clegg abc at
Sun Mar 24 02:33:52 UTC 1996

Sorry to change the current topic of interest & digress into a plea for 
help, BUT....

I'm looking for a little time (probably less than 12 hours total on-line)
on an RS/6000 (AIX).  I'm willing to talk $$$, but don't need a long-term
(ie: month) contract. 

Anyone have a box somewhere that I can get an account on?  I need about 
40Meg disk space and access to the "standard" C compiler.

I might even be interested in buying one of these things if anyone has one
for sale (relatively cheap & in working order). 

[BTW, the project that I need the account for has nothing to do with Foo, 
Blargh, OR Sabotage]

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