packet loss (was re: mae-west congestion)

nicholas harteau panic at
Sat Mar 23 17:54:22 UTC 1996

Peter Kaminski wrote:
> Matthew Kaufman writes about the Ames FDDI ring saturation:
> >What I don't understand is why that has _stayed_ saturated... it seems
> >to me that some of the big players would have rerouted their traffic
> >by now to avoid subjecting it to this, which would also have the side 
> >effect of causing the problem to, at least for the short term, go 
> >away.
> ...or why MFS hasn't installed a Gigaswitch there, or whatever.  We're
> seeing 20% - 30% packet loss through AGIS to MCI and Sprintlink during
> the day, and it's not fun.

Speaking of fddi rings, saturation, and packet loss..  has anyone taken
a look at the peering between mcinet and cicnet at the chicago nap?

i get about the same (20-30%) packet loss during the day.

and no, it's not fun at all.

panic at

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