OOPS! Cisco OC3 retraction!

Carl Payne cpayne at fiber.net
Fri Mar 22 17:55:03 UTC 1996

Holy guacamole!

Hmm...where to begin.  Well, first, let me apologize for my rudeness.  I  
meant to insert a little smiley (no, really, I did!) and I did not.  My post  
was not meant to be so hostile.

Second, let me apologize for my ignorance.  On our entire network, only 2 of  
our routers are 4500s and both are outfitted with 2 ethernet and 8 serial  
ports.  I had no idea there was ALREADY an OC3 interface available for that  
router, nor did I plan on learning such because we've moved on to bigger  

FWIW, I apologize.  Had I flipped to pp139 of this year's Ciscoble, I would  
have spared my damaged soul the embarrasment of trying to be funny.

Doggonnit, and I thought I was going to be able to give up being a jerk by  


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