MCI [ATM overhead]

Shikhar Bajaj bajaj at
Thu Mar 21 01:15:33 UTC 1996

>> There's beginning to be some expectation that there will be a transmission
>> capacity crunch in the carrier's Sonet nets, and this ~25% ATM cell tax may
>> be looked at carefully as packet over Sonet solutions emerge.

> I.e. a dual clearline DS-3 actually carries as much user data as OC-3c ATM.
> Which, incidentally, was why SprintLink backbone design is easily expandable
> to dual links (that includes carefully considering implications for routing). 
> Sean presented that design on NANOG a year ago, BTW.  Funny thing, the design
> is expandable beyond that, too, so OC-3 ATM is already obsolete.
> --vadim

Other than the SprintLink design Vadim mentions above, what other
alternatives are emerging for high bandwidth IP transport?  Is anyone
implementing PPP over SONET (RFC 1619)?  


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