MCI [ATM overhead]

Gordon Cook gcook at
Wed Mar 20 01:15:28 UTC 1996

Jeff, would you or anyone give an example or two of when you get 
PARTIALLY filled ATM cells?  I've interviewed dave sincoskie, steve 
tabaska, and Stephen von rump so far.  they all rather like ATM.  Don't 
believe I heard about this problem from them.  You aren't talking about 
the switch not being able to tell whether a cell is mangled before it 
transmits by any chance are you?????

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On Tue, 19 Mar 1996, Jeff Ogden wrote:

> If we are going to talk about ATM overhead when doing TCP/IP don't we need
> to talk about the overhead of partially filled ATM cells? Won't that cost
> you about 1/3 of your available bandwidth?
>   -Jeff Ogden
>    Merit

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