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Tue Mar 19 14:57:49 UTC 1996

On Mon, 18 Mar 1996 Jasper at wrote:

> MCI issued a press release this afternoon. Two items of interest:
> 1)  MCI is upgrading its backbone from 45 megabits to 155 megabits per 
> second.  They expect this to be done by mid April.  I think this has been 
> coming along for a while now.  
> A question:
> Does anyone know when Sprint and Alternet will have their backbones up to 
> 155 megabits per second.  A guy at MCI told me today they wouldn't have it 
> done until 1st quarter of 1997.

Another question:

What kinds of routers can route at near wire speeds a bunch of ports at 
155Mb ATM?

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