Allocation of IP Addresses

Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Fri Mar 15 04:22:23 UTC 1996

At 11:14 PM 3/14/96 -0500, Curtis Villamizar wrote:

>Hoarding is only effective if there is a scarce resource, even if it
>is artificially scarce, as in the two "gas shortages" of the 1970s
>(when there were huge gas company stockpiles and enormous gas company

Curtis, I think you helped me make my point. I think.  ,-)

While folks are banging their heads against the wall (and against
one another) trying to keep the aggregate growth of the number of
globally routeable prefixes in check, the 'Death of the Internet
Predicted' rumor-mill still seems to strike enough FUD into the
hearts and minds of the masses.

- paul

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