Allocation of IP Addresses

Gordon Cook gcook at
Fri Mar 15 02:05:01 UTC 1996

Sorry david you misunderstood what i wanted to get across.

when you say "the IANA" decided, it gives
the impression that an august group of people like the IESG took action.

I said this not to imply that you or any one else had implicated IESG in 
the decision.  What i was thinking of was the new comer who might 
remember the IAB  and IESG as being made up of GROUPS of people and 
assume the IANA was ALSO a GROUP.  Now I am sure you know more about this 
than I and I do not know what roles Joyce plays.  However other people 
who also know more than I have said that John *IS* the IANA.  Also please 
understand that I am implying no personal criticism of john in my statements.

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