Allocation of IP Addresses

David R. Conrad davidc at
Fri Mar 15 00:41:04 UTC 1996

It would appear a clarification is necesssary:

>>>The @Home allocation was done outside of normal registry procedures by
>>>the IANA directly.  InterNIC should not be held responsible for that
>Which confirms that the rules are not well established nor consistently applied.

Any very large or unusual request must go outside normal registry
procedures (e.g., slow start).  @Home is such a case.  They made their
case directly to the IANA as InterNIC is not authorized to allocate
very large or unusual requests directly.  The IANA authorized the
allocation based on the merits of the request (whatever they might
be).  None of the registries can allocate very large or unusual
requests directly.  This rule is quite well established and
consistently applied.


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