Allocation of IP Addresses

Doug Sheppard doug at
Thu Mar 14 19:47:03 UTC 1996

> Can you grow an infinite amount of additional food?

	Yes, you can. That is how people have been able to eat since
	the beginning of time.

> Can you buy more gold than there is on the planet?

	We don't know exactly how much gold there is on the planet.
	That's why we still mine it.

> Can you make more land than we have?

	Sure, keep on stacking.

The point of all this debate from what I see is its dangerous to give up an
independent organization which allocates addresses based on need, and go with a
cash-on-delivery method.  Look whats happening with people buying up domain
names just to make a buck reselling them to suckers!  These same people would
attempt to do the same with addresses.


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