Allocation of IP Addresses

Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Thu Mar 14 18:24:34 UTC 1996

At 11:20 AM 3/14/96 -0600, Scott Mace wrote:
>Renumbering is a fact of life, so live with it and find ways to do it
>better and more efficiently.

Thank you for echoing conventional wisdom.  :-)

I would suggest that anyone with an opinion on this issue
[renumbering] obtain and read RFC-1900 ['Renumbering Needs Work'],
as well as RFC-1916 ['Enterprise Renumbering: Experience and
Information Solicitation'], before firing a salvo over the bow.

Renumbering may soon be a fact of life. The PIER [Procedures for
Internet/Enterprise Renumbering] IETF Working Group is currently
working on documenting renumbering issues to assist organizations
in operational aspects of renumbering. 

Get involved, if this issue concerns you.


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