Allocation of IP Addresses

Andrew Smith awsmith at
Thu Mar 14 12:34:27 UTC 1996

> > Any NSP that cannot allocate to you at least a /19 worth of networks
> > (IF YOU CAN JUSTIFY IT) is not worth using for an ISP who thinks they
> > need globally routable address space that they can advertise wherever
> > they want sometime in the near future. If you aren't going to get to
> > that point...what's the damn problem?
> Except that if you give out /19s to newer ISPs with no allocation/use
> track record, then the NIC may say "Sorry, you can't get more address
> space, you haven't been efficiently using what you were given."
> Avi

clarification...this is over opposed to an ISP who would
say "we can't give you any more...go to the NIC" Most larger ISP's
can even reserve a contiguous block for you...and just delegate
parts at a time...
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