Allocation of IP Addresses

David R. Conrad davidc at
Thu Mar 14 05:32:11 UTC 1996

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>How much attention is paid to how blocks are being used...???

ISPs must now show 75-80% utilization of existing address space
prior to allocation of new address space.

>Why doesn't the Internic require that Class A delegates, use those
>addresses rather than addresses from other parts of the spectrum...???

To my knowledge they do.  Note that this is a relatively recent policy
shift.  I do know ISPs with class As have been refused new allocations
until they can dmonstrate they have utilized 70-80% of their class A,
however it is easy to hide that you are from an organization with
existing space.

>For example, why are name servers allowed in 192 and shown
>below...???  It would be easy for the Internic to have a policy that
>does not allow the foll owing...

There are many such examples (IBM, PSI, BBN, etc).  However, I do
not believe there have been new allocations to these organizations
in the recent past.

>Should companies be given recognition for "Internet Ecology" efforts...???
>Hewlett-Packard Company (NET-HP-INTERNET)

You are basing too much on what companies use for their DNS.  HP has
lots of other address space as well.


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