Allocation of IP Addresses

Dorian Kim dorian at
Thu Mar 14 04:39:52 UTC 1996

On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, David C. Kovar wrote:

>   This strikes me as being discriminatory against the smaller ISPs. The
> customers are looking for stability and, from their point of view, being
> forced to renumber several times along with the ISP is unstable and costly.
> They'll look to ISPs who will not force them to renumber, the ones with a
> /18 or smaller already.

There always will be disadvantages of being small. This is true in every 

>   Do you truly believe there is no way to avoid the forced renumbering
> problem for the smaller ISPs?

There is no way to avoid renumbering. Every other plausible proposal I've 
seen have been renumbering under a different guise.


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