Allocation of IP Addresses

Dorian Kim dorian at
Thu Mar 14 04:08:21 UTC 1996

On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, Michael Dillon wrote:

> > Given the number of new ISPs that come to them for provider independent 
> > addresses, they isn't enough IPv4 address space to do the above with.
> Are you sure of this? Even if they start allocating out of the former 
> Class A space?
> After all, getting a reserved /16 out of the former Class A space 
> wouldn't exactly be free because you would need to buy a NAT in order to
> avoid renumbering down the road so not *ALL* ISP's are going to demand 
> one of these. And it doesn't hurt to publicize the existence of NAT 
> technology either, because if ISP's know that NAT's exist they are more 
> likely to deploy them at customer sites along with RFC1918 addresses.

But that's not what you said. Given that Internic gets about 50-60 
address requests a week, if you reserve /16 for each, you can do the 
math. I guess this would force the deployment of IPv6 much sooner than 
currently projected. 


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