Allocation of IP Addresses

Brett D. Watson bwatson at
Thu Mar 14 03:21:17 UTC 1996

> On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, Jim Browning wrote:
> > A.	a single allocation capable of supporting planned growth, or
> > B.	incremental allocations of *contiguous* blocks
> > 
> > InterNIC's current CIDR allocation practice does not support either of 
> > these options.
> Here's an idea. Let new ISP's reserve large blocks (say /16's) in 65/8,
> 66/8, .... but don't let them actually use these addresses on the global 
> Internet. Then, the ISP can run a Network Address Translation gateway and
> give their customers 65/8 addresses while still using a chunk from their 
> provider's block. And they can switch providers without forcing their 
> customers to renumber. Then, after they have demonstrated that they 
> should be given a /16, open up the block they were given in 65/8 for use 
> without the NAT.
> Of course, there is one little problem with this....
> bash$ whois 65
> Air Force Logistics Command (ASN-LOGNET) LOGNET-AS                         65
> IANA (RESERVED-7)               Reserved         -
> bash$ whois 96
> Army Finance and Accounting Office (ASN-JTELS) JTELS-BEN1-AS               96
> IANA (RESERVED-8)               Reserved        -
> How did these guys get such big chunks of address space reserved?

  by 'these guys' you mean the air force logistics command?  the number you 
looked up is an aut num, not the network.  iana has these reserved, not air 
force.  or i've misinterpreted your question...

carbon:~ $ whois -h asn-jtels
Army Finance and Accounting Office (ASN-JTELS)
   "Fort Ben Harrison
   Indianapolis, IN 46249-1136 "

   Autonomous System Name: JTELS-BEN1-AS
   Autonomous System Number: 96

      Reilly, William  (RR26)  REILLY at INDPLS-ASAFM1.ARMY.MIL
      (COM) (317)543-7179 (DSN) 699-7179

   Record last updated on 10-Jan-91.

carbon:~ $ whois -h ASN-LOGNET
Air Force Logistics Command (ASN-LOGNET)
   Logistics Management Systems Center/SYU
   Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH 45433

   Autonomous System Name: LOGNET-AS
   Autonomous System Number: 65

      Anderson, Jerome  (JRA18)  [No mailbox]
      (513) 257-4499 (DSN) 787-4499

   Record last updated on 10-Jan-91.


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