Allocation of IP Addresses

Michael Dillon michael at
Thu Mar 14 04:32:44 UTC 1996

On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, Dorian Kim wrote:

> > Then why have they not yet come up with a workable policy like the one 
> > RIPE uses to release /16 blocks incrementally to new ISP's?
> Well, currently InterNIC is the registry of last resort, and given RFC 
> 1814 and such, they CANNOT, if you fight hard enough, turn you away. 
> Given the number of new ISPs that come to them for provider independent 
> addresses, they isn't enough IPv4 address space to do the above with.

Are you sure of this? Even if they start allocating out of the former 
Class A space?

After all, getting a reserved /16 out of the former Class A space 
wouldn't exactly be free because you would need to buy a NAT in order to
avoid renumbering down the road so not *ALL* ISP's are going to demand 
one of these. And it doesn't hurt to publicize the existence of NAT 
technology either, because if ISP's know that NAT's exist they are more 
likely to deploy them at customer sites along with RFC1918 addresses.

BTW, that puddle on the floor is from the egg dripping off of my face. 
I'll be more RIGOUROUS next time at readin the whois output.

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