Interesting AP Article

Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Thu Mar 14 00:17:06 UTC 1996

Perhaps it is 'interesting' because this issue has made it into
the mainstream popular press?

- paul

At 11:24 PM 3/13/96 +0000, Larry J. Plato wrote:

>I am not really trying to flame you but why is this article 
>interesting?  It is really a poorly written rehash of the
>filtering policy Sprint has discussed for the last 18 months.
>I don't agree w/ Sprint's position but I don't see this 
>article as being particularly interesting.  It's not even 
>very well written.  If anything I find it annoying and 
>irresponsible that the author did not seem, IMHO, to
>research his topic very well.  As far as I can tell he neither
>asked the opinion of Sprint, or any other major NSP, as to why
>someone would do this.  Yet he had the call to title his
>article "Sprint says ..."
>I think this is sloppy, yellow, journalism.
>Larry Plato
>I speak for myself only
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