Telco discussions

Rob Gutierrez rmg at
Thu Jun 27 20:15:26 UTC 1996

> > BTW: Is there a mailing list for ISP related telco hardware?  Or
> > telco hardware as related to ISP's? :)
> Not that I'm aware of.  That would really be very vendor specific. News =
> groups are good for this but like you said it's not data only, =
> voice/video  equipment gets mixed in.

Well, I think one is coming together with my suggestion.  I'll be on
it (and we'll announce it here on nanog) so people can drill me
for hardware info.

> > Yeah, so you're large enough to hire a contractor to do all your telco.
> > What about us small-fry who can't afford contractors.
> See if @home is hiring ;)

Actually, I think @Home is large enough to be using contractors.  I sent
a resume their way, but no bites ;)

> DL was real good in getting us a CSU firmware fix for the CSUs. There =
> was a problem where accessing the console port of the DL chassis through =
> a terminal server, the three characters of the arrow key would be =
> received with too much spacing/time between them ...  packetman helped =
> picking this up ...

Yeah, I had the same assumption when I ran into the problem for the
first time (vt100 escape code timing not tight enough), so it was
nice to hear about the U-D-L-R keys working.

> > Anyway, I made my point.  Just curious.
> nay, too vendor specific ... newsgroups ...

I always thought the newsgroups were not vendor-specific enough...


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